Dua Lipa live on stage in Berlin 2016

I felt slightly like a fish out of water, I must admit. It doesn’t happen often (at least, not to me) that they ask your age when you visit a concert to determine whether they should allow you to buy beer at the bar or not. And indeed, many of my fellow concert-goers were not of beer-drinking-age as of yet.

No wonder, because the star of the night was the mere 20-year-old Dua Lipa. Albums behind her name: zero. Her debut Hotter Than Hell is scheduled for a 2017 release. But, she is already touring to promote it. Heimathafen in Berlin’s Neuk├Âlln is a very intimate venue and it’s nice to be there to see the possible ‘next big thing’. Who knows: next year it might be already Tempodrom and then the Mercedes-Benz-Arena?

Dua Lipa live on stage in Berlin 2016

But she’s not quite there yet. For now she has some hits in the charts and some fans who adore her. And I was an innocent bystander, following my boyfriend’s recommendation. Now teen girl pop sensations are not normally my cup of bubble tea and I was happy to see that Dua might be more than that. At least she’s got a voice that can blow the likes of Britney and co out of the water. She clearly enjoyed performing and she’s got that good-girl-gone-bad Winehouse vibe going on, which I like.

Dua Lipa live on stage in Berlin 2016

The songs are as pop as it can be, break-ups and boy crushes. But it speaks to her audience and she certainly left them impressed. And who knows what will be next year, or in 5, or in 10?

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