Bruce Springsteen performing in Hyde Park 2009BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E-STREET BAND Working On A Dream – Hyde Park – London, United Kingdom – June 28, 2009

“Summer’s here and the time is right, for racing in the street.” As Bruce would say. Or for dancing in the street. As Martha and the Vandellas would say. And Mick and David too. But for now, rain is pouring down here in Munich, where at seven tomorrow night, Springsteen will take the stage at the historic Olympic Stadium. It will be my ninth meeting with The Boss. A story that started almost ten years ago.

Besides summer festivals and outdoor concerts, it’s also the time of high school graduations. And it was when I left high school that I discovered Bruce. Actually, I think schools should provide every graduate with a copy of a Springsteen album, preferably Born To Run or Darkness On The Edge Of Town. On those albums, Bruce expresses the thoughts and questions that go through a young boy or girl’s mind when they are eighteen year old. Desires. Desire to leave the town you came from, desire to be different than your parents, to run away, to discover the world, to realize your dreams and to be the greatest. But also doubts; who do I want to be? Where do I belong? And what if I fail?

Leaving home, getting lost and then trying to find your way back. These are themes in Springsteen’s music that spoke to me when I was eighteen. And not just me. Unlike so many other artists his generation, Bruce’s audience is still remarkably young. And as long as people turn eighteen, and leave high school, there will be people drawn to his music. And they will come to see him.

Eight times I came to see him. And it was an incredible experience each time. It’s a celebration of wanderers and doubters. Of asking questions until late in life. But also a celebration of overcoming doubts and fear. But other than that, it’s fun. It’s good times. It’s rock and roll. So, all your saints and sinners, loser and winners. There’s a train a-coming! See you in the land of hope and dreams!

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