That must have been some conversation at the breakfast table. “How was work last night, honey? What was this concert again you were working? Grace Jones, you say?”

Grace is known for her crazy stage antics, and she loves to get close to her fans. Last year, she came up with the idea to climb on the shoulders of a security guard during Pull Up To The Bumper, who would then escort her along her groupies in the front row. She did the same trick during her show in Cologne. Now the security guard in question did receive some instructions by one of Grace’s crew members before the song. Still he didn’t seem to be too thrilled when Grace, topless, sweaty, body paint and all, wrapped her killer thighs around his neck. The walk along the front row went fine. But when it was time to deliver the super star back on stage, Miss Jones decided to turn it up a notch, kissing the now clearly very annoyed muscle man on his cheeks and trying to persuade him to sing some of the lines of Pull Up. Grace, realizing she might have penetrated into the guy’s comfort zone a tad too deep, quickly backed off before she would get thrown out of her own show. I guess next time Mister Security has to work at a Grace Jones concert, he will call in sick.

2 thoughts on “PULL UP TO THE BUMPER

  • Actually the guard gave me his card and asked me to send my photos of him with Grace via mail. I guess he wasn’t that annoyed after all 🙂

    • Ha! Really? That’s so funny. He looked super pissed in the end when Grace started kissing him. Even Grace backed off. Well now you can send him a link to this page 🙂

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