This was one of those concerts where I really didn’t have a clue what to expect. To be honest, the thing that first caught my attention was the name. Shakey Graves. Now that’s fucking cool! After listening to a couple of songs on Deezer, I decided I liked his music and bought a ticket.

Shakey Graves performs in Berlin on his first European tour

Last weekend we experienced real summer temperatures for the first time this year in Berlin. The Bi Nuu club was accordingly hot. It not only got shakey but also very sweaty. Not unfamiliar conditions for Shakey who came all the way from boiling hot Austin, Texas on his first European tour. He most have felt right at home. And it showed. I guess Shakey is a bar-type of performer. Enthusiastic, charming, telling jokes in between songs. And he doesn’t need more than a guitar and his awesome suitcase – custom fitted with drum skin and tambourine. His drummer, who only joined in on half of the songs, was rather superfluous, as Mr Graves really doesn’t need more than his suitcase.

Shakey's suitcase

Shakey is a story-teller. A modern troubadour with raspy voice, hipster beard and dirty cowboy boots. Best listened to around the campfire. Listen to his album And The War Came. But especially go see him live. Preferably in a sweaty club or smokey bar. Here is some photographic evidence.

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