If you are anywhere between twelve and thirty and you’ve had your heart broken, there are two songs you’re bound to have listened to in recent years. The first one is of course Adele’s Someone Like You. The second one: Another Love by Tom Odell.

Like so many, it was exactly that song that introduced me to Tom. Going to his concert in Berlin, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Was there more to him than just this one melancholic tune? Was he more than just another pop sensation? I got my answer immediately after the first song. There was so much more.

Tom Odell performs in Berlin 2016

Sure, he’s young, and maybe his face lacks a few wrinkles to be singing about heartbreak and loss. But Tom Odell has passion and fire. Rather than just some teeny ballads at the piano, Berlin got a full-blown rock show. A very tight band strong on rhythm with a drummer (ex-Razorlight Andy Burrows) and percussionist. And not to forget the wonderful backing vocalist, who apparently goes by the name of Madame Belle, who delivered some beautifully haunting harmonies – Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter-style. Especially Odell’s new single Magnetised brought the house down.

The show also featured some quieter moments with just Tom, a piano and a glass of whiskey. The glass of whiskey surely there to make his voice even more raspy. Dare I say his silhouette at the piano even reminded me of that other famous raspy-voiced Tom, Mr Waits?! Sure, tonight’s Tom still needs to finish a few more bottles, smoke a few more cigarettes and have a few more hearts broken. But for now, I’m definitely looking forward to his new album coming out soon. During his upcoming summer festival tour, he will surely conquer many a wrong crowd!

2 thoughts on “WRONG CROWD

  • I was at the concert too and I was also standing near to you. Found your blog on his Facebook site. I really like your article and the photos you’ve made! The artist’s name of the vocalist is “Madame Belle”. You can catch a look at her on her instagram (@Beesknees24)

    Keep going! 🙂

    • Hey Melanie – thank you so much for you kind words! Glad you had a fun time at the concert as well. I was really impressed. And thanks for the name of ‘Madame Belle’ – I’ve updated my post. See you at the next concert!

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